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At Audette, Cordeiro & Violette we pride ourselves on the relationships we build with our clients and the excellent results we produce for them as we advise and advocate for individuals during the course of their legal matter.


Our firm acted as associate counsel in a case which resulted in a verdict of $25,590,000 - one of the largest personal injury/medical negligence verdicts in Rhode Island history.  A local hospital, as well as their employees and agents, were found negligent in failing to properly diagnose and treat a man with a head injury, resulting in a brain stem herniation and permanent and severe brain injury, with devastating physical and cognitive damage.  Our team met with the client and his family early on, before the client was discharged from the hospital, bringing in a highly trained and experienced Rehabilitation Nurse to assist in coordinating his ongoing medical care.  We obtained a substantial workers' compensation settlement for this individual in a claim that was contested by his employer, and then remained involved with the medical negligence case until its conclusion.


Audette, Cordeiro & Violette represented a man who suffered a severe and permanent traumatic brain injury in a devastating highway crash with a large piece of construction equipment.  We met with the client's family while he was hospitalized and in a coma and fought to help them obtain state of the art rehabilitation care as well as social security disability benefits and Medicare coverage.  The case settled for $6,175,000, which is providing the client and his family with a lifetime of income for all of their needs.


The attorneys at AC&V assisted in the representation of a woman who suffered a paralyzing injury at a local theater.  We obtained a settlement of $5,000,000, which has provided and will continue to provide the client and her family with all of their medical and income needs.


Our firm represented the manager of a truck maintenance facility who suffered a serious, permanent and debilitating injury (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome) after his foot was run over and crushed by a tractor trailer at work.  We were able to change the jurisdiction of the workers' compensation claims to a more favorable venue for our client, assist him in obtaining social security disability benefits and Medicare, and settle both his workers' compensation claim and personal injury claims against two defendants for a total outcome of approximately $1,500,000.


Audette, Cordeiro & Violette represented a young woman who suffered severe and permanent injuries and near loss of life due to mishaps during a routine surgical procedure and the subsequent care she received at the Hospital.  The case settled for $1,000,000, providing financial security to the client and her young family.



The attorneys at Audette, Cordeiro & Violette helped obtain a settlement of over $863,000 for a municipal worker who suffered a permanent and debilitating back injury on the job.


AC&V represented a man who worked as a plumber for an employer on a job where an inexperienced backhoe operator dug a trench that was too narrow and too long causing a trench collapse.  The client who was in the trench at the time of its collapse not only sustained serious mental and physical injuries but also experienced the loss of a co-worker who died as a result of the same.  AC&V assisted this client in not only obtaining him worker’s compensation benefits to allow him to receive weekly monetary benefits to support him and his family but the necessary medical treatment to address the serious psychological and physical trauma he sustained.  AC&V also vigorously pursued a third party action against the company who hired the inexperienced backhoe operator as well as assisted OSHA in fining the employer who failed to provide a necessary trench box which would have prevented the tragedy.  AC&V secured for this man and his family monetary compensation from the insurance carriers involved in excess of $700,000


Our firm represented a man who suffered an abdominal injury while operating heavy-equipment at work.  We obtained workers’ compensation benefits and a settlement of his workers’ compensation claim.  We then assisted in a medical negligence claim against a doctor who failed to order proper and timely testing resulting in internal bleeding which caused permanent cardiac damage, requiring the use of a pacemaker.  The case settled for a total of approximately $600,000.


Our firm acted as co-counsel on a suit against a local employer where a small group of long-time employees alleged a climate of discriminating conduct and harassment.  The matter settled for $600,000.


AC&V obtained a substantial workers’ compensation settlement for a nurse who suffered a permanent back injury at work at a local hospital.  Surgery failed to resolve her symptoms and she is left with inability to drive due to damage to the spinal nerves to one foot.  In addition to obtaining social security disability benefits as well as Medicare benefits, the matter settled for $700,000+, including a substantial sum to fund her future medical care related to her injury.


The attorneys at Audette, Cordeiro & Violette obtained workers’ compensation and social security disability benefits, as well as Medicare coverage, for a young man who suffered a permanent and debilitating back injury in a motor vehicle accident while working.  We eventually settled the workers’ compensation claim and personal injury claims for our client for a total of approximately $600,000.


AC&V represented a landscaper who suffered serious physical trauma injuries to both of his legs at work.  This client was crushed between a trailer and the truck he was working on when a third party motorist rear-ended the trailer.  AC&V assisted this client in obtaining worker’s compensation benefits including weekly monetary benefits, medical benefits, and disfigurement compensation as a result of the extensive surgeries that were necessary to reconstruct his legs.  AC&V also secured a third party settlement from the automobile insurance carriers in this case.  To date, the client has received in excess of $500,000 in compensation as a result of the accident and continues to receive assistance through the worker’s compensation system.


AC&V represented the minor child of a worker who was fatally electrocuted while at work.  Our firm fought to secure, structure, and settle the minor child’s claim for dependency benefits under the workers compensation system in excess of $500,000.


Our firm obtained weekly workers’ compensation benefits and medical benefits for a man who suffered severe and permanent lung damage as a result of exposure to harmful substances over the course of many years at work.  When his lung condition eventually lead to his death, we obtained a substantial settlement of his claim for survivor benefits for his widow.


AC&V represented a woman who was employed for a cleaning company and severely injured her low back at work.  AC&V assisted the client in securing her total and permanent disability benefits under the Massachusetts worker’s compensation system as well as disability benefits under Title II of the United States Social Security Administration.  Despite insurance policy limitation issues, AC&V fought to secure the client in excess of $275,000 for her and her family as well as continuing coverage for future necessary medical treatment to be paid for by the worker’s compensation carrier for the rest of her life.


AC&V represented a man employed as a construction laborer who severely injured his low back when the truck he was a passenger in was rear-ended by another vehicle.  After determining that this client had permanent restrictions as a result of this accident, AC&V was able to secure in excess of $250,000 in compensation  from the insurance carriers involved. 


Our firm represented a woman who suffered a slip and fall on ice on her landlord’s property resulting in multiple fractures of her leg.  After undergoing reconstructive surgery, the client was able to regain use of her leg but had sustained permanent limitations as a result thereof.  AC&V worked with the client to secure Social Security disability benefits.  Although the facts of the case and the case law would make proving liability against the landlord extremely difficult, AC&V filed suit in the Court against the landlord.   AC&V was able to secure the client a  settlement of just under $100,000 before trial. 




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